tablet case made from Nancy Drew bookI take items that others have abandoned and give them new life as cool stuff. My current passion is finding old hardback books with retro covers and turning them into cases for Kindles, iPads and other tablets. 

If you're a fan of Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden or the Hardy Boys, I offer cases for Kindles and other small- and medium-sized tablets. For larger tablets -- including full-size iPad, Nook HD and HD+, Galaxy Tab and Nexus -- I make cases out of old encyclopedias, textbooks and more. And if you have a favorite book, I can make a custom case just for you.

You can browse tablet cases by book type or by device

I also transform Scrabble tiles into bracelets, jeans into iPad bags, and board games album covers into blank booksI can also create a bracelet, case, book, or bag customized for you.

In my Creative Upcycling blog, I share tips and tutorials to help you  make your own upcycled creations.
Here are the latest items available from my shop: